The Wildest Hitchhiking Adventure to Date
I arrived in Corsica yesterday, late afternoon after hitchhiking approximately 260 kilometres from Figari Airport in the south to Calvi in the north.

I got my first ride after about 15 minutes with Belgian tourists, followed by great conversations with Jean-Michel from the Northern France. After that mostly, local Corsicans picked me up. Corsica's public transport is hardly existing, but I am glad hitchhiking is accepted and doable here. The last ride on a motorbike for approximately 50 kilometres with a guy from Cuba before arriving at the stunning La Villa Calvi.

On Facebook you can see photos from the beginning at Figari Airport to the end of the evening with a good meal at their La Villa Calvi's restaurant with one Michelin star. I have now been to all territories in Europe

Introduction: Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa offers 56 superbly furnished en-suite bedrooms set amidst tranquil gardens and walkways. Seventeen07 is a tribute to the rich history of the Erinvale Estate and celebrates the spices and cultures that formed and influence our local cuisine. Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa offers five air-conditioned dividable conference venues which can cater for conferences, product launches, cocktail parties, banquets and gala dinners.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a two-night stay at the property.

My arrival experience: Warm welcome from the kind receptionist before being showed around the property and escorted to the room.
What I loved: The beautiful Cape Dutch architecture.
What about the food: I didn't dine here, but the breakfast buffet was a bit basic and should have some high-quality items. The breakfast is the last chance to impress a guest before he leaves.
What about the service: The service is good with well-trained staff at the reception. I found the staff to be a level above similar hotels I have stayed in South Africa. The detail to details could be a little better. The room should have had complimentary bottled water and a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts should do welcome amenities.
What about my room: The rooms are a little old, but still with a kind of old world charm. My bathroom had a bathtub with separate rain shower and Charlotte Rhys products. It would be a good idea to replace the old carpet for a more comfortable feel in the room.
Number of rooms: 56 according to their website. 57 according to their information on Tripadvisor.
Type of property: Country hotel.
Location: Somerset West, South Africa.
Facilities: Spa, two pools and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary Internet: Yes.
Affiliations: Preferred Hotels & Resorts.
My overall impression: Great experience. Despite small issues, this hotel is a lovely place to stay and I enjoyed my two nights.

3½ hours delayed. Not the best start for my recent trip to Libya
In the past ten years, I have flown approximately 850 times with more than 200 different airlines. I have been to many airports and most have been trouble free. However, below is a list of my ten worst airport experiences. Avoid all if you can.

1. Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel
The worst airport experience. First, I joined the queue for foreigners where they asked me questions no other airport in the world has asked me. They wanted to see my Eritrea visa, hotel reservation in Eritrea and it just felt like they didn't believe a word of what I was saying. Horrible and other travellers have had similar experiences. The questions are one thing, but the security is the worst experience I have ever had at an airport. They don't treat you like a human being and make you feel so uncomfortable you don't want ever visiting Israel again. They are searching every single little piece of your bag like no other airport. They are touching you like no other airport is touching you. They wouldn't allow my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (a gift from my father), to be in its case for security and as a result, I got scratches on the screen. I complained, but the staff screamed at me and there was nothing to do. If you ever want to visit Israel, make sure you are at the airport three hours before on the way out and prepare for at least a couple of hours of absolute horror.

2. Cairo International Airport, Terminal 1.
The Cairo International Airport is, to me, the most disgusting airport in the world. Dirty, uncomfortable and rundown with more cigarette smoke lingering in the air than I have seen anywhere - As an example, I arrived at customs to find the security guy smoking a cigarette while doing pat-downs! Even if you are a smoker, this airport is sure to really turn you off. It is unbelievable and should be avoided at all costs.

3. Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo
Upon arrival at the airport, two guys took my passport and pretended to be working for the airline. I released quickly and asked to get my passport back. It was not easy and they try their best to cheat you. That was only the beginning. Wherever I went, they tried to get money out of me. A police officer was refusing to let me fill out my departure form myself. The security guy was screaming at me for not giving him money and refusing to show him every single detail of my wallet. It is horrible and an airport to avoid at all cost.

4. Bangui, Central African Republic
I read many horror stories before arriving in the capital of the Central African Republic. Because of this, I paid for a local guide to meet me as soon as I was off the plane. Bangui is a place that feels dangerous and walking the streets is at your risk. Soldiers threatened me, but I was lucky to get out of the situation.

5. Juba, South Sudan
It's like a 50-year-old African bus station but besides this no problem at the airport itself. The town is a different story. My taxi driver went to prison for taking a photo of me in the streets. They wanted me too but eventually, let me go.

6. Lagos, Nigeria
No problems on the way in and had a very enjoyable time in Nigeria, but at the airport on the way out several airport staff asked me for money. It's a hassle.

7. Freetown, Sierra Leone.
First, the immigration officer wanted money to stamp my passport. I told him, "I don't have to pay anything, but let me call my contacts". He said "no, no" and stamped my passport. Then I was sitting in a lounge after arrival to figure out how to get to the city. A lady comes screaming that I have committed a criminal act by sitting in the lounge (which was open) and she will now get the police. I talked my way out of it, but what an insane woman. As soon as I figured out how to get to the city, as soon as I was out of the airport, a police officer kept asking me for 20 dollars to let me go. Eventually, he gave up. The airport is on an island and the fast and comfortable transportation to the city was very expensive so I first had to take a public bus followed by a slow public ferry to reach the capital city of Freetown.

8. Hurghada, Egypt.
Horrible long waiting lines. I think it took three hours back in 2006. Very disorganised airport. Plus the airport allows smoking. It is like a bar in the 90's. Went back in 2011 and it's still horrible.

9. Mitiga Airport, Tripoli, Libya. 
This temporary airport was an awful experience this year. The first impression wasn't too bad as I met my contact and got my visa and stamp easily on arrival. I thought all was good, but on the way out at customs, I am stopped by airport personnel that took my passport and asked me to keep waiting. I waited for a long time, maybe an hour before they took me into a room where I had to explain the purpose of my visit to Libya. They had a hard time believing I am a tourist in their country during these difficult times. They eventually let me go. Leaving the airport was also a bad experience. And yes, they smoke everywhere as well.

10. Miami, USA.
Miami belongs in the list entirely due to the long and slow waiting line at immigrations. Several times I have waited for hours and you are not allowed to use your phone. Horrible. Most probably the worst airport to enter the United States.
Quick Introduction: Hanza Hotel is located at near the historical Gdańsk on the Motława River. Perfect location, both for tourists and for travellers on business trips, makes Hanza Hotel one of the most convenient hotels in Gdańsk.

My Arrival Experience: Fast and friendly check-in.
What I loved: To find a lovely little boutique hotel of international standard in Gdansk.
What About the Service: Friendly service by the reception at all times. Very satisfied
What About the Rooms: 60 Lovely smoke-free rooms. My room had a comfortable bed, sitting area, and combined shower and large bathtub.
Number of Rooms: 60.
Type of Property: City hotel.
Location: Gdansk, Poland.
Facilities: Gym, spa and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary Internet: Yes and fast.
My Overall Impression: Good+ experience. Gdansk is one of the most interesting cities in Poland and one you should visit! Hanza Hotel is comparable to many other boutique hotels I have stayed around the world and one I can highly recommend.
 Introduction:Located in the beautiful Valley of Joy, the five-star Dwor Oliwski ***** City Hotel & Spa in Gdansk is a combination of a stylish boutique hotel, a luxury Spa and a modern Conference Center.

Dwor Oliwski features 70 luxury rooms, including 2 apartments and 11 spacious junior suites. The unique arrangement and design of all, equipped with mini bar, satellite TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and elegant bathrooms rooms provides maximum comfort and relaxation on the highest level. The peace, quietness and intimacy, together with a wide range of services made the hotel extremely popular among visitors looking for an ideal place for family holidays as well as celebrities from the world of business, culture and sports.

Dwor Oliwski City Hotel & Spa is located on 4 Bytowska street, on the side of the Tricity Landscape Park in the historical district of Gdańsk - Oliwa. With an excellent connection to the airport in Gdansk and the city center of Gdansk and Sopot, the hotel is the perfect choice for those traveling for business and tourist purposes.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay at the property.

My Arrival Experience: Warm welcome.
What I loved: The building.
What About the Service: Friendly service from the receptionist. She speaks basic English but was helpful. I got a room where the Wi-Fi wasn't working and she got me a room in a different area of the hotel with Wi-Fi.
What About My Room: Old-school style room with comfortable beds, free Wi-Fi, flat screen Tv, and combined bathtub and shower.
Number of Rooms: 70.
Type of Property: It has the feel of a country hotel, but is located close to the city of Gdansk.
Location: Close to Gdansk, Poland.
Facilities: Gym, spa, pool and business/meeting facilities. The hotel is ranked as a 5-star hotel.
Complimentary Internet: Yes and fast.
My Overall Impression: Good+ experience. One of the best options in Gdansk, if not the best!

Gracefully nestled amidst lush vineyards on a working winery, Eikendal Lodge offers 9 beautifully appointed en-suite rooms, each with a private terrace boasting spectacular views of the Helderberg Mountain, our beautiful garden and surrounding vineyards. Arriving at Eikendal you are met with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and swept away to a tranquil haven, ideal to revitalise the senses. We strive in making every stay a memorable one with exceptional yet unpretentious, personalised service and a homely atmosphere, giving each guest a sense of ownership. Guest can indulge in a laid-back al fresco breakfast by the pool, soak up the romantic glow of the fireplace, set foot on a hiking trail through the vineyards and visit our cellar to taste award winning wines. At Eikendal Lodge our hospitality is inspiring and warmed by our genuine desire to please.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a two-night stay at the property.

My Arrival Experience: Warm welcome from Wendy before she escorted me to the room.
What I loved: The location, staff and very fast Wi-Fi.
What About the Food: Very good breakfast buffet. Had a pizza at their Italian restaurant and had to send it back the first time as it was burned. The second pizza also had burned spots and it was not the experience I hoped for. The Italian restaurant is located a ten-minute walk from the hotel but on the same estate. Not sure if it is owned by the hotel, but if I come back, I would take an Uber to somewhere else for dinner.
What About the Service: Very friendly service with attention to details. I would love to stay again.
What About my Room: Charming room with comfortable bed, shower in bathtub and stunning views.
Number of Rooms: 9.
Type of Property: Country hotel.
Location: Close to Stellenborsch, South Africa.
Complimentary Internet: Yes, very fast, unlimited and works in the room. Just perfect and unfortunately not always the case in country hotels in South Africa.
My Overall Impression: Great experience. A lovely country hotel with great value for money.