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I believe I have done more than 50 interviews in 2015 alone, and this time The Phuket News came to the resort I was staying on the island on the day, The Angsana Laguna Resort.

I have never been complimented like this by journalists before and it was certainly nice to read the following article.

Having spent more than three months in South Africa, I have had the opportunity to talk travel with lots of South Africans. Many have not been abroad or seen other parts of Africa as flights are simply too expensive for their annual holiday budget. That has now changed, and many South Africans are not aware of two new low-cost airlines making a holiday on their continent a possibility.

Fastjet began their Johannesburg - Dar es Salaam operation two years ago and it has been so successful that they are now operating the route daily. It is often possible to book tickets as low as 1,177 Rand one way including all taxes, or even less when they have special offers. It is worth to follow this airline on social media to know about these deals. While Dar es Salaam is not a tourist destination, you can use it as a transit to visit tourist destinations like Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Uganda on the cheap. Six different airlines flies to Zanzibar. An example would be Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro for as low as 312 Rand per way including all taxes. While Fastjet covers destinations in East Africa, is focused on the Southern African countries. Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Bulawayo, Cape Town, Lubumbashi, Harare, Lusaka, Victoria Falls and Windhoek. Johannesburg to Windhoek is exceptionally low with fares as low as 704.79 Rand one way including taxes. They announce fares for 299 Rand on their website, but this is excluding taxes. Taxes or not, Fastjet and now make it possible for many hard-working South Africans to go abroad on their well-deserved annual vacation.

Travelling to all countries and territories involves lots of challenges. One of them is food. It is hard to find good food in most countries and hygiene is often the main problem. I am as careful as I can be when it comes to food, but I have unfortunately been food poisoned four times in the past two years and in places you wouldn't expect:

November 2013: Bali.
I had a Japanese Miso Soup at the breakfast buffet at the InterContinental resort, just to try it. Through the day, I got worse and worse. In the evening, while having dinner with the Marketing Manager at The Legian, I was in so much pain that I had to leave during the starter. I had difficulties breathing, and it did not get better.

The following day, I went to emergency at the hospital as my breathing ability was critical, and I was unable to walk by myself. I got better over the following days, and back to normal after a few days.

March 2014: The Andaman Islands, India.
In a destination without luxury hotels, Ixzire (with a Tripadvisor rating of 5) was one of the best options in the Andaman Islands, located between the Indian mainland and Thailand. While the property was fine, the dinner on the first evening was the beginning of the worst six months of my life. I couldn't breathe properly on my flight back to the mainland and even had to lay down for landing.

After a week in Chennai, not being able to breathe properly, I flew home to Denmark, but the problems continued for around six months. The hospital was recommended by my hotel but wasn't nice, and things were disorganized. It was horrible and my body was constantly weak for a week. After the week I thought the problems were over, but it continued for several months. Eating pancakes or drinking soft drink, the pain and breathing ability began again. Only after around six months I was back to normal.

April 2014: Athens and Rhodes.
In the airport in Athens before flying to Rhodes, the only affordable option for a quick meal was McDonalds. I try not to eat there and to eat vegetarian whenever possible, but the lack of options made me decide to try their local McGreek. A disaster. First of all, it didn't taste good, but that was expected, but I also got an immediate headache and bad feeling in my body. Upon arrival at Rhodes I still felt a bit weak, but managed to get to my hotel, Spirit of Knights Boutique Hotel without problems.

In the evening, it got worse and worse, and I began shaking. The night manager wanted to call for an ambulance, but that scared me, and I decided to stay in bed. The next morning I was a lot better, and after a few days I was back to normal.

July 2015: Dubai. 
The latest food poisoning incident occurred last month in Dubai. Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek was originally the first luxury hotel in Dubai and is still a good hotel. Unfortunately, the Arabic salad I had at their executive lounge made me very sick on the evening before an early morning flight to Addis Ababa. From 6 pm to midnight I got slowly worse and worse. Just before planning to leave for the airport, my headache was the worst I have ever had. Extreme pain and I began shaking. I couldn't walk, and was about to collapse.

I called the night manager and went to my room with two other staff members. They immediately called an ambulance when they saw me and handled the situation professionally and were very sorry I had been food poisoned by the hotel. Although I don't like the Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek as much as their Marina Residence-property, I must say the service was excellent.

After doctor check and medication, I decided to take a chance and make the flight to Ethiopia as I couldn't wait to get back to South Africa. I made it just in time for check-in and survived the flight to Addis Ababa and the following to Johannesburg. I fully recovered after a few days, and I am now enjoying the fantastic food here in South Africa, hoping I won't be food poisoned again anytime soon.
...and why I choose to live there.

I have visited 265 countries and territories and South Africa is my favourite of them all. The people, the diversity, the wildlife, the food, climate and affordability are some of the reasons why I have decided to live here.

My plan for the coming years is to spend six months a year in South Africa as I have to keep travelling. Instead of renting an apartment, I prefer to stay at different properties to kind of keep travelling and experience more of the country I love.

Living here is different from travelling. In the past, I have stayed at more than 50 of South Africa's luxurious properties for 1-2 nights. In the future, I plan to combine short stays with longer stays to avoid the stress of moving around. Nkanga Lodge is the first property I am staying after moving to South Africa. I am staying here for a month, and all future properties I'm staying for at least five nights will have their logo on my website.

This is an extraordinary offer. has the newly opened Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili on selective nights for only 214 dollars per night. It is a massive saving compared to the 600-dollar rate when booking directly.

Direct link to the search results at
I have hitchhiked with at least 1,000 cars around the world in my project of visiting all 324 countries and territories in the world. With only 18 countries and 41 territories left to visit, it is to recommend the best places in the world to hitchhike. Maybe you should give it a try in one of the following destinations?

Fernando de Noronha 
Located an hour from Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is completely safe and easy for hitchhiking. Every 2nd car stopped on average. No need to ever take a taxi.

Every car or every second car will stop. It is incredible and very safe. No need to ever take a taxi.

The world's smallest country is a wonderful island to hitchhike. Full of friendly people. Almost all will stop for you.

New Zealand
The best place to start hitchhiking. Very easy and safe. I love this country for many reasons, and hitchhiking is one of them.

This small Dutch territory in the Caribbean is a unique travel destination and a very easy place to hitchhike.

St. Pierre 
Very easy to hitchhike in this French territory. Hitchhiked three times and never waited more than one minute.

Every car stopped in the Northernmost city in the world, Longyearbyen. No need to take the expensive airport bus.

American territory in the Pacific, but does not feel like America at all. Very small and every car or every second car will stop.

Very easy and safe to hitchhike on both Tongatapu and Vava'u island. Very friendly islanders.
Metropolitan Bangkok is managed by COMO, one of the best hotel chains in the world. I had the chance to stay at the Metropolitan in Bangkok five years ago and really enjoyed it. It's a special experience you can now get with a great discount.

Hotels25 shows the hotel can now be booked as low as 79 dollars per night. Find the deal here. 
I am planning a book about my journey to all countries and territories. In the meantime, I would like to share a few notes about some of my destinations. Africa is a continent with only six territories according to the Travelers' Century Club.

-Haven't been yet, but expect to visit in late 2015.
-Part of Angola.
Picture: Hargeisa, Somaliland.
-TAAG flies daily between Cabinda and Luanda, the capital of Angola.
Equatorial Guinea (Rio Muni, Bata)
-Haven't been yet, but expect to visit in late 2015.
-Oyala is a city that is being built to be the future capital located on the mainland of Equatorial Guinea.
-Travelers' Century Club split Equatorial Guinea into two parts in their January, 2014-update.
Spanish Morocco (Ceuta, Melilla)
-Obviosuly part of Spain, but claimed by Morocco.
-Connected by ferry to Ceuta and with flights to Melilla. Air Europa, Air Nostrum and Melilla Airlines flies to and from the mainland.
-Busses runs from the center of Ceuta to the Moroccan border.
-Like an independent country with it's own currency, flag and government, but not internationally recognized.
-Visa on arrival is possible for USD 80. Read here how I got mine for free.
-Some of the friendliest people in the world and happy to see foreigners.
Western Sahara 
-Two airlines flies to Dakhla. Royal Air Maroc to three destinations in Morocco and CanaryFly to Gran Canaria.
-There are no luxury hotels in the Western Sahara.
-Disputed south province of Morocco. Same visa policy as Morocco and no special permit needed.
-USD50 for visa on arrival that is also valid for mainland Tanzania.
-A cheap alternative to the Maldives. The beaches are great and the water crystal clear.
-Well-connected to the world with direct flights from Dubai, Johannesburg and several airports in Europe.